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Developing [ ] Technologies for Small Businesses.


Web Development

With today's internet your website can be more than just a brochure advertising your company. A website can provide many tools to help you manage and operate your business. These tools manage your sales, inventory, and customers as well as enhance your advertising and marketing capabilities.

We use the latest in Microsoft Technologies to enhance your website's functionality and security. While the newest in HTML5, CSS and Javascript give you an interactive site with an appealing design. As we get a feel for what our customers want to see more templates will be available for a faster deployment of the product. This means a more affordable product for you.

However, it migth be something new you are looking for or something that makes your site standout. With our combined creativity we can design something that fits your style.

Search Engine Optimization

The internet's far-reaching power if used innovatively can get your company's name out to perspective customers without having to pay for additional advertising services. One technique that does well in this is Search Engine Optimization. Search engines have certain conventions for rating and listing websites. If your website uses these conventions appropriately it will increase the likeliness of being listed for your customer's search.

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Phase Implementation

This is our strategy we have incorporated into our overall development process which allows you as the customer to purchase your website and its enhancements incrementally. Your website can grow as your business grows.

Phase Implementation also provides break points in the process to review the effectiveness of your website on your business from a marketing perspective. Strategies can be revised and your feedback will then be incorporated into the next phase implementation.

Content Management

Allows you the customer to manage the content of your own website. If your products or services change or there is something new you want to get out to your customers, then you will have the ability to log on to your site and make the necessary changes. New menus, new sales, and new promotions will no longer require the need to build a new website or require developer assistance.

Content management is made possible through the use of MS SQL Server and webforms or, if you desire, MVC. All of this is maintained in your website on your host server provider, and has no special requirements other than special requirements other than the ability to log on to your site using a web browser and your secure log in account.

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise solutions are tools that help you manage your business. Business management is data management. The data that the operation of your business requires and produces if organized and made easily accessible can be a powerful tool. But data is key. MS SQL provides a method for your data to be assimulated into a relational database where information can be correlated, analyzed and utilized. Customer contacts, purchase histories,

A simple example of an enterprise solutions is the management of your customers. User and customer accounts in your website allows for Newsletters to be emailed to your customers giving them updates you want them to know about. This is a relatively inexpensive method of advertising.


With ecommerce you can turn your website into another store. Your customers will be able to purchase your products or services through your website, with revenue going to your business banking account. Our implementation of a specifically developed or purchased shopping cart for your site will ensure the ease of customer use and your management of sales.

PCI compliance...

Financial management.