Cyber Cognition

Developing [ ] Technologies for Small Businesses.

This is our Team! Description of the team from the Executive Officer's perspective goes here. The benefits of having a small team with polarized specialties and abilities that mesh together to complete successful projects. Also described is the nature of this division of duties and how each add to the over all team.

The Business Manager

Why so serious?
  • Tina Tagle
  • Technical Compentencies:

    Information System Security, System Testing, Configuration Management, Cyber Security Compliance, enterprise management, and system accreditation and certification.
  • Qualifications:

    Doctoral Elect Computer Science with Information Assurance, GSLC, Masters in IT Project Management, Security+, Net+, and A+.
  • Professional Interests:

    Software Development, Design Science Research, and AI and quantum computing research.

The Developer

What's so funny?
  • Steve Edwards
  • Technical Compentencies:

    C# & .NET Framework Technologies, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, SQL, SQL Server 2008, C++, Visual Basic, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, XML, Linq, MVC, Technical Writing.
  • Qualifications:

    MTA ASP.NET Web Development, BS Nuclear Applied Sciences,
  • Professional Interests:

    Everything C#, Linear Genetic Programming, Game Theory, AI development, Physics Astronomy, Database managemet.